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Billing support F.A.Q.

How do I cancel my membership?
You can request to cancel your membership by contacting our Billing Support Department:
  • By Telephone: Toll Free at 877-467-1692
  • Through the LiveChat Feature.
  • Via E-Mail:
  • By Completing the Online Cancellation Form
    (Click here for the cancellation form. Please have your username, password and email ready.)
How do credits and “VOD” work?

Our VOD Unlock feature allows members to gain access to content from a select group of exclusive studios. Once unlocked, this content will be always linked to your account even if your regular membership expires.

In order unlock these exclusive scenes or DVDs, credit are required. Credits are essentially the internal payment system we use in order to enable the “Pay Per Unlock” transactions. Although free credits are normally provided upon sign-up depending on the membership type (monthly, 3-month or annual membership), additional credit can be purchased in the “Credits” tab of the “My Account” section of your membership.

We also offer special credit package deals through our regular e-mail campaigns and provide an “Auto-Refill” feature which, once turned on within the “Preference” tab of the “My Account” section of your membership, will allow you to automate the credit purchasing process once your credit level falls below a certain amount.

How do channels work?

By adding a channel to your standard monthly membership, you can gain access to a large collection of hardcore videos that have been grouped together according to their unique niches. Usually these channels are for members with very specific tastes in adult entertainment.

The best part of these channels is that as long as at least one channel remains active, you will always be able to retain access to your regular membership. If your main account has expired, you can even regain full access to your membership simply by purchasing a channel.

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Technical support F.A.Q.

How do I download a scene?

In order to download a scene, you must left-click on the “Download” button located under the video player. This will open a box below the button with downloadable file types: WMV or MP4. You will be able to select either the full scene or parts.

Once you have determined the file type and length you wish to download, simply left click and select the location on your computer where you wish to save the file to.

Why can’t I download certain titles?

Due to contractual obligations stipulated by the production studios, the download option for exclusive titles is not available. However, you will have access to unlimited streaming on the site once an exclusive scene is unlocked and saved to the “My Movies” section of your account.

Also, given that your username and password will remain valid even if your membership has expired for whatever reason, you will permanently have access to all unlocked content.

Why is the streaming slow or choppy?

There are several reasons why you may be experiencing slow or choppy streaming. Although we are constantly trying to improve our streaming by upgrading our servers and video player, it is possible that you are attempting to stream during hours of higher than normal volume.

We recommend Google Chrome which you can download from as a more updated way to navigate the internet.

Here are some steps that do fix the majority of issues.

  • Clear out your cache and delete all current cookies.
  • Reset your cookies to be at their lowest settings.
  • Try completely restarting your internet router and computer. To restart your router simply unplug it for about 60 seconds and then plug it back in.
  • If you are using a firewall, make sure its ad blocking software is deactivated for the website you are trying to access. Try turning off your Firewall or Antivirus and test to see if streaming improves.
  • Close out your browser and open a new one before you try to login again.

To clear your browser’s cache please follow these steps:'s-Cache

To clear your browser’s cookies please follow these steps:'s-Cookies

You might be attempting to stream with an old version of Adobe Flash Player. To obtain the latest version, please visit If the problem persists, you can contact our technical support department or leave a message in the “Feedback” tab of the “My Account” section of your membership.

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